Below is our outline purposed budget which we are currently seeking grants and donations towards for a Community Center in Mae Taeng Thailand to further serve the children of the hilltribes in Northern Thailand. Please feel free to email us with any questions or to find out how to get involved. 




I. Necessity 2


II. Previous work of Yogamour in Thailand 2 - 3


III. Concept and Idea 3


IV. Expenses 4


1. Set up costs 4 - 5


2. Yearly costs 5 - 6


3. Health care project costs 6 - 7


4. Education program costs 7


5. Culture program costs 7


6. Dissolution costs 7



V. Planning and schedule 8


VI. Costs summary 9



I. Necessity

In rural northern Thailand, specifically in the Mae Taeng region there is thought to be over 200,000 members of various hill tribes and mainly the Akha hilltribe. These hilltribe members are often not considered citizens by the Thai government as well as most don't speak the language proficiently so their rights are often not protected or understood. The children can, if registered in Thailand attend a government school up till the age of 15 for free if they can afford transportation, uniforms and books. Most of the children in this region have an abnormal amount of pressure since they might be the only member of their family speaking Thai and maybe taken out of school often to translate for their families or even at risk of child labor as well as they never receive basic health care or nutrition. In recent years the hill tribes in Thailand have been experiencing a rise in human trafficking and these children are some of the main targets. The realities are sad and serious but we feel these issues can be solved or dramatically reduced with basic health care, education and community development.

In this region addiction is also a major problem because much of the land has been used as opium farms. Struggling with these addictions plus the lack of basic rights as citizens of Thailand makes this community particularly prone to child abuse, human trafficking, STD's, joining the sex trade industry and high dropout rates in school. UNESCO stated in a 2012 article "The Akha are said to have the highest rates of addiction of all the hill tribes and are at the highest risk for contracting HIV, AIDS, or an STD." Much of this is due to the instability of this tribe and its vulnerability to the sex trade industry. By providing a community center we can become a resource to strengthen families through education as well as provide basic health care and pay respect to the value of these children and their entire family’s lives.


II. Yogamour`s previous work in Thailand

Yogamour has been working closely with nearly 100 children of the Baan Chang Nai school in the Mae Taeng region for over 5 years and then this past year has developed a relationship with an additional 30 children at an all girls orphanage. We have grown a great relationship and understanding of the rich hilltribe cultures.

Over the past 5 years we have offered 4 free dental clinics seeing more than 200 children and provided education tools for dental care for both children and parents. The children had little or no oral care previous to these clinics and this community is especially prone to heavy calculus and gum disease. Basic tooth brushes, floss and paste were not considered an on going necessity and Yogamour has since provided all the tools these communities need for on going oral care.

Also offered 87 children free vision care including exams and prescriptions. Previously to our vision clinic 100% of the children had never seen a optometrist. There was not one pair of prescription glasses in the whole 87 children and nearly 30% needed some type of vision support be it prescription glasses or sun protection due to sun sensitivity or over exposure. This is thought to be a major cause of illiteracy in the community since culturally health issues are swept under the table and ignored since they aren't thought of as immediate necessities and often financially out of the picture due to affordability.

Within the community we have worked inside of a local school called Baan Chang Nai. Since the school is given an average of 1 cent per child to feed the meals are far from nutritious. Yogamour has started 2 edible gardens with in the school grounds. The gardens have grown tremendously and now all 87 of the attending children receive at least one meal a day that is full of nutrients needed for basic health. We have also supported the children in learning agricultural skills by volunteering in the gardens. On top of this project we took it a step further this year by teaching a environment clean up project, where we taught the value in cleaning up trash and recycling. Once the education piece was complete we provided recycling and trash receptacles. The children are now on a volunteer rotation program where 2 children every school day work towards cleaning up the grounds.

Since we have an ongoing relationship with this community we are primed to be of accepted assistance inside of the hill tribes and are at a point of transition to create a more stable outreach program in addition to our previous work.


III. Concept of Community Center Mae Taeng


Within the Community Center our primary focus will be on health care, education and family support. We have grown a great number of outside community members with in Thailand that will weave together a vast numbers of outlets for us to provide a broad range of educational opportunities as well as potentially employee members with in the tribes and offer volunteer exchange program to students from inside USA that would travel to assist on one of our free health care clinics. We will have regular speakers, maternal health care workshops provided by maternity nurses, free health care clinics, cultural preservation workshops, free clean water provided to all through an open outside tap that will remain on for all to enjoy, as well as scholarships available to support children's education and much more. We hope to organically grow in response to the needs and request of the communities around. Below is a list of our goals for the next 3 years once we open doors.

Health care projects

Dental clinic (first priority); vision care clinic (first priority); maternal counseling workshops;

nutritional education; emergency response "medical care scholarships"


Education programs


Free Saturday English lessons; Summer school English; baby care education workshop; nutritional education workshop


Cultural programs


Cultural preservation workshops; uniform, shoes and socks scholarships; parental support workshops and support groups for understanding personal financial; addict support groups; family counseling; dealing with depression, parenthood, abused children support groups.



IV. Expenses

1. Set up costs

1.1. Founding Yogamour Thailand (Lawyer)

1.1.1 Set up costs (6 to 12 month) $2500

Total $2500

1.2. Building

1.2.1. Renovation (estimated value) $3000

1.2.2. Deposit $2000

Total $5000

1.3. Inventor and furniture

1.3.1. Community room

Aircon $1200

Chairs fold out (20) $400

Carpets and Yoga mats $200

Total $1800


1.3.2. Office

Aircon $500

Basic furniture (Desk, chair…) $300

Foulder and material $100

Total $900


1.3.3. Dental clinic

Aircon $1200

Portable dental chairs (3) $1700 $5100

Portable dentist/operator chairs (3) $700 $2100

Aseptico portable self contained dental units (2) $4000 $8000

Prophy angles/handpieces (3) $500 $1500

Headlights with batteries (3) $1000 $3000

Misc hand instruments and sterilization equipment $2000

Portable suction unit for surgery $500

Total $23400


1.3.4. Classroom

Aircon $1200

Chairs (30) $600

Tables (8) $400

Chalk board $100

School supplies $500

Total $2800

1.3.5. Kitchen

Refrigerator $400

Water dispenser $100

Glasses/plates/silver wear $250

Total $750


2. Yearly costs

2.1. Accounting and annual financial statement through the Lawyer

Accounting monthly $60 $720

Annual financial statement $450

Total $1170


2.2. Building

2.2.1. Rent (monthly $1000) $12000

2.2.2. Electricity/water (monthly $90) $1080

2.2.3. Maintenance and repair $500

Total $13580

2.3. Salary’s

2.3.1. English Teacher Saturday class $65 $780

2.3.2. Thai Stuff $1000 (foundation needs 3 Thai stuff) $12000

2.3.3. Rebeccah Bartlett (Head of YT and project management) $18000

2.3.4. Stephan Brdlik (Book keeping and project management) $12000

Total $42780


3. Health care project costs

3.1. Dental clinic project

for over 100 childrens in 7 days (Dentist Volunteers x 2; Full Scholarships x 1 and Helpers x 2)

Accommodation (6 nights; 5 rooms) $1800

Rental car (incl. gas & insurance) $600

Airplane ticket for Full scholarships $1500

Translator (Thai/Akha – English) $300

Transportation (Children from school to clinic and back) $450

Dental consumable supplies $100

Follow up care (hospital or surgery costs) $1000

Total $5750




3.2. Vision care project

Eye clinic project for over 100 children`s in 4 days (Volunteers x 2)

Accommodation (3 night; 2 rooms) $360

Rental car (incl. gas & insurance) $350

Translator $200

Transportation (Children to eye doctor and back) $200

Exam and glasses $60 (30% of children needed glasses) $1800

Total $2910


4. Education project costs

4.1. Free Saturday English lessons; baby care education workshop; nutritional education workshop in ration $300 $3600

4.2. summer school English $1500

Total $5100


5. culture project costs

5.1. Cultural preservation workshops $300

5.2. Scholarships (school uniforms, shoes and socks) $700

5.3. Support groups and workshops $500

(Parental support workshops; support groups for understanding personal financial, addict support groups, family counseling and abused children support groups)

Total $1500


6. Costs of dissolution of the NGO

This costs will be hold back on the NGO account $1500

Total $1500


V. Planning and Schedule

1. Year 2016

Starting Community Center $37150

Yearly running expenses $57530

Dental Clinics (2) $5750 $11500

Vision care (1) $2910 $2910

Education programs $5100

Cultural programs $1500

Total $115690


2. Year 2017

Yearly running expenses $57530

Dental clinics (3) $5750 $17250

Vision care (2) $2910 $5820

Education programs $5100

Cultural programs $1500

Total $87200

3. Year 2018

Yearly running expenses $57530

Dental clinics (4) $5750 $23000

Vision care (3) $2910 $8700

Education programs $5100

Cultural programs $1500

Total $95830



VI. Costs of summary




1. Set up costs Total $37150


1.1. Founding Yogamour Thailand $2500

1.2. Building $5000

1.3. Inventor and furniture $29650


2. Yearly costs Total $57530


2.1. Accounting and annual financial statement $1170

2.2. Building $13580

2.3. Salaries $42780


3. Health care project costs Total $8660


3.1. Dental clinic $5750

3.2. Vision care $2910


4. Education program costs Total $5100


4.1. Saturday school and workshops $3600

4.2. Summer school $1500


5. Culture program costs Total $1500


5.1. Cultural preservation workshops $300

5.2. Scholarships (school uniforms, shoes and socks) $700

5.3. Support groups and workshops $500



6. Dissolution costs Total $1500