Healing Arts Practitioners

You can find our partnering practitioners at the Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center.

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Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddhi 

Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddhi is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Maryland with advanced training in orthopedic painful conditions. She provided treatment at the Veterans Administration medical centers, Ironman/marathon competitions, and completed clinical training in acupuncture and herbal medicine at the Zhejiang University Hospital in Hangzhou, China. She also has certifications in Zheng Gu Tui Na (Classical Chinese medical massage), Zang Fu Tui Na (Organ regulation) and has done Qi Gong for over three years now. She has found a great love for Qi Gong since she first learned it at acupuncture school and integral to having a balance lifestyle.  

Dr. Khanita believes that Traditional Chinese medicine can help with today's modern stresses to restore balance in the body. She has a unique perspective blending both Western and Eastern methods to provide you with a holistic way of healing. She is committed in guiding you towards a healthier you through her training and expertise. Dr. Khanita is taking appointments in the Frederick location on Monday and Wednesdays - she is happy to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to Yogamour and the Frederick community!  Don't miss her Qigong classes at the Yogamour Studio on Fridays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm!

Khanita continues to be an avid martial artists (mostly boxing and Kung Fu) and can be found practicing outside in her spare time or at the boxing gym. 

You can visit her website at www.arayaacupuncture.com to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. You can follow her on instagram @araya_acu or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/arayaacu 

Contact Dr. Khanita -
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chiropractic
Cell: (240) 654-2608




 Leslie Ann Pickett, MCHt

Leslie is a Master Clinical Hypnotist holding numerous advanced certifications from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and other professional organizations both here and abroad, as well as a Master Level Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner.  She specializes in chronic pain and complex trauma issues, combining unique perspectives from her training in the unconscious processes of the mind and a body-focused approach to overcoming anxieties and stressors of all kinds.  She also offers strategic coaching programs for families coping with the unique challenges of autism spectrum disorders. 

In addition to her private practice, Leslie offers workshops and classes throughout the year.  Her most popular workshops include:

The Big Behind: Putting the Past Behind You
Saying YES! To Success: What’s So Special About You?
Come to Your Senses: The Holographic Mind
Magical Memory
The UnBullying Toolkit

Leslie is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  She maintains offices in both New Market and Frederick, serving clients in overcoming a wide variety of challenges.  She offers private and group sessions for painless childbirth hypnosis.

Leslie offers certification in Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1 and 2 training through ICBCH and The Mid-Atlantic Hypnosis Institute.   

Hours are by appointment only and vary by location.  
Some evening and weekend hours available. 

Contact Leslie - 
Cell: (240) 415-1200
Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HypnosisFrederick/  


James C. Morgan

James C. Morgan (Jim) is a licensed massage therapist and Jikiden Reiki practitioner and instructor in Frederick, Maryland. He graduated from The Institute for Therapeutic Massage in Morristown, NJ in 2015. He has continued to study advanced massage techniques at The North Jersey Massage Training Center in Parsippany, NJ and has received certification in Ultimate Medical Massage, a unique massage method combining Shiatsu techniques, myofascial stretching and deep tissue massage which can address and aid in the healing of all the most common soft tissue complaints. He has studied Jikiden Reiki with Frank Arjava Petter and received teacher certification in May of 2018. Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was taught by its founder, Mikao Usui, in the 1920’s in Japan before it was influenced by western culture. Jikiden Reiki can address physical, energetic, and psycho-emotional issues. Jim is a practitioner of The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are founded on the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage which is an external, non-invasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.

In the fall of 2018 Jim will receive certification in manual lymphatic drainage, (MLD), a type of massage which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. MLD aids in the clearing of congestion such as swollen ankles, puffy eyes and swollen legs, promotion of scar tissue healing, and post-operative healing, and much more.

All of these modalities can be stand-alone treatments or combined to provide a personalized treatment, all with the intention of creating an environment which allows the body to heal itself.  Come visit Jim at the Center!

Contact Jim -
Facebook: www.facebook/wuweiintegrativetherapy
Instagram: @wuweigendairyoho
Cell: (240) 549-3360

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Elizabeth Rankin 

Elizabeth Rankin is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Certified Reflexologist.  Elizabeth completed her Reiki Master training in 1997.  She continued to expand her studies and attended and graduated from the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in Washington DC in 2006.  While practicing massage, Elizabeth developed a deeper awareness of the healing potential for the whole body through the feet. This led her on to study Reflexology and she received her Reflexology Certification in 2014 from Claire Miller Integrated Reflexology and in 2017, completed her studies at the International Institute for Reflexology. 

Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body.  Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers on these reflex areas.  

One of the most important benefits of Reflexology is to induce deep relaxation which stimulates the body’s own healing potential to restore balance and harmony.  Using both an intuitive and therapeutic touch, each session is designed to create a safe environment to allow the feet to open and the body to relax and heal itself. 

Appointments are available for Reflexology with Elizabeth on Tuesdays and Fridays (and Sundays upon request) at Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center.

Elizabeth is continuing to enhance her practice by studying Advanced Reflexology Techniques, Aromatherapy and Plant Medicine. 

Contact Elizabeth -
Heal to Toe Reflexology
Cell: (240) 372-4981  



Crystal Mackintosh

Crystal is the founder and owner of Frederick Microblading Studio. Although microblading is newer to the area it originated about 25 years ago throughout Asia. Within the last several years it grew in popularity throughout Europe and now finally caught on in the U.S. Crystal is excited about sharing this technique here in Frederick, MD!

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that enhances or creates natural looking brows. This technique is done by manually implanting pigment into the epidermis creating very fine hair-like strokes to reshape or fill in brows. Microblading can also be used as a full reconstruction if the brows have little to no hair. This procedure is great for people suffering from alopecia, hair loss from chemotherapy or other health conditions, or people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows. 

Crystal received her training and certification through Brow Design International, which is one of the top leading academies for microblading in the U.S. Crystal also attended Alleghany College of Maryland where she received her degree in Dental Hygiene and attended University of Maryland for her license in administering local anesthesia. She has practiced dental hygiene for over 10 years, which has helped her gain a great attention to detail and precision. Recently she decided to expand her skills and become a certified microblading artist. With the experience in working in a medical setting and the love for art, fashion and beauty she became very passionate about her profession in microblading. 

Crystal’s goal is to ensure each and every client has an amazing experience in her care and leaves her studio feeling more confident than ever. Her passion continues to grow as well as her love for making people feel like the best version of themselves and to be beautiful in their own unique way. 

Contact Crystal -
Frederick Microblading Studio
Cell: (240) 527-5797
Website and Facebook page coming soon! 

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Molly Schweinhart

Molly is an International Yoga Teacher and Thai Bodyworker.  Her roots are in Western Maryland and she is super excited to reconnect with the community! Since completing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 at Wise Living Yoga Academy in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Molly has continued to delve deeper into the healing arts.  In recent years she has studied embodied anatomy and Thai Bodywork. Her sessions are tailored to the individual needs of her clients, guiding them into a place of deep peace and cosmic unity.

Thai bodywork origins date back 2,500 years ago to the time of the Buddha. The founder, Indian Doctor Jivaka Kumar Bhacca was a contemporary of the Buddha and personal physician to the Sangha (monks). In present-day India and Thailand he is respected and honored as the “Father of Medicine.” The theoretical foundation of Thai bodywork is based on the Pranayama Kosha (energy body) and 10 Sen (energy lines). The practitioner uses their thumbs, palms, elbows, knees, and feet to apply a combination of acupressure, gentle rocking and twisting, joint mobilizations, and assisted yoga stretches. Thai bodywork is done on a firm floor mat and performed as an act of loving kindness.

Thai bodywork is a beautiful form of nourishment for your body, mind and spirit. The benefits include increased flexibility, deeper breathing, digestive ease, and improved circulation. Muscles are stretched, emotional tension is released and the nervous system becomes relaxed.

Molly received her Thai Bodywork certification from the Sunshine Massage School of Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is her passion to give healing through bodywork, yoga and meditation.

Contact Molly-
Cell: (240) 469-1261