Yogamour is a registered 501(c)(3) operating in the United States and Asia. Yogamour offers yoga volunteer retreats, workshops, and trainings around the world. Yogamour Stateside has a home studio, Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center which is located in Frederick, Maryland. Join  us at the Center for Public Good Cause Class whether it be yoga for beginners or advanced practitioners, QiGong, Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Prenatal and more!

Yogamour's mission is to be a part of the healing community in offering the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices. Yogamour's Public Good Cause Yoga Classes raise the funds necessary to facilitate meaningful yoga and mindfulness programs for survivors of trauma, under-served and marginalized communities. Through Yogamour Outreach, participants are able to acquire the tools needed to regulate, find balance and healing in every breath. 

Yogamour offers Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings to yoga teachers, therapists and educators which will allow the trained facilitator to have the skills necessary in bringing this adjunct therapy to survivors of trauma, under-served and marginalized communities as a modality towards healing. Trauma-Informed Yoga offers participants a safe environment and an opportunity to build resilience and establish a greater sense of self awareness, feel empowered and safe in the body.