Seva Projects

Yogamour's ongoing projects in India, Thailand and Myanmar help to support over 300 children and their families. Help us keep these projects going by becoming a donor or join us on a Volunteer Yoga Retreat.

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It is our goal to provide every child in our communities with proper hygine supplies for the whole year. This includes uniforms, underwear, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, all items for bathing, water purifiers and much more all packed into a durable backpack that can be used fro school. We have worked with health experts and doctors to create these comprehensive bags which are each gender specific and age appropriate. A uniform or clean water can be a huge thing that stands in the way of these childrens health and education. Donate today and help a child directly for a whole year of healthy bodies and minds.


We are currently seeking funding towards creating our very first Yogamour Seva Community Center in Mae Tange, Thailand. This center will also double as a healthcare facility to our rotating volunteer doctors. We are working extensively within this community that is made up primarily of Akha Hilltribe and impovershed Thais to make sure the facility can offer educational and family development tools that they need. This will include Free English courses, prenatal health care workshops, cultural preservation workshops, legal clinics for establishing citizenship, as well as have 24 hour clean drinking water and more.  

As of now we host dental and vision clinics for free  for our communities, donations for this center will allow us to keep these opportunities available to these special communities and to continuing the development. A special thank you to the Rotary of Frederick MD USA for their on going support.



In 2013 Yogamour took on the sponsorship of 12 girls in Northern Thailand who had been identified of being at risk of being trafficked or have limited opportunities to education. We support these girls by supplementing funds to a private orphanage we work closely with through an on the ground affiliate of ours. One of the girls has also been adopted by our co-founder and lives with her and her family. These funds support the orphanage, education fees and any ongoing health care that is necessary.The girls have dreams of giving back by becoming social workers, doctors and running their own restaurants and hiring girls in their same position. You can help to keep these dreams alive!