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"Thailand with Yogamour was so very different than all of my other travels and retreats.  Being given the opportunity to devote a portion of my time away to the hill tribe children gave this trip a richness money cannot buy.  Taking in the wonders of Thai culture and history on our side trips to the waterfalls, elephant camps, Asian Cooking School, Sunday market, New Year's Eve lighting of the lanterns at Tha Pae Gate, and Chiang Dao cave - paled in comparison to the three days I spent with the Hill Tribe children.  It's their smiling faces that keep me awake at night or take my mind on a little side trip now that I'm back home…"




September 16-25, 2016
Rebeccah Bartlett & Ana Lang

Join Yogamour co-founder, Rebeccah Bartlett, in the 'Pink City' of Jaipur for a life-changing week of yoga, selfless service, exploration, and a special emphasis on reflective journaling and goal setting led by yoga instructor and life coach, Ana Lang. This year we are planing on finishing construction on two class rooms that are in severe need of your help as well as provide uniforms for the whole school to all 87 children in this special school. We will need YOUR help to pull this off as well as bring your own unique light into the school day while you are there.


December 27, 2016 - January 8, 2017
Rebeccah Bartlett & Corrina Richards

Beccah and Corrina will lead a special new year retreat filled with yoga, adventure, and volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Celebrate the gifts of 2015 and welcome 2016 with a sense of adventure and positive intention! This retreat will offer the opportunity, not only to learn and enjoy a new culture, but also to fulfill your seva wishes, volunteering and giving back in a very big way. In addition to staying and volunteering in a hill tribe village outside the northern Thai town of Chiang Mai, we'll also travel down south to soak up the sun on the island paradise of Koh Phangan and even to Yangon, Myanmar for a completely new experience.


March 11 - 21, 2016
Rebeccah Bartlett & Laurence Gilliot

Join us for our  annual journey to “The Pink City” of Jaipur to celebrate Holi, which is also known as the festival of color or the festival of love. This retreat allows for volunteering with children inside of one of Jaipur's local "slum schools", Vihaan which in Hindi translates to "morning light". Areas of volunteer work will be based on your own life experience and personal interests. From yoga and art, to language, to computer skills, to personal hygiene; you will be free to create your own unique, teacher-student experience with the children of Jaipur. For those who want to extend their experience, there is also an add-on option to travel to Agra and visit the Taj Mahal from March 21 - 23.