Trauma-informed Yoga Traning



We'd like to welcome you to the first of four online modules for this training!

Below you will find links that will take you to each Module as they are released.

Module 1- Understanding Trauma & It’s Impact on the Body
Module 2- Cultivating Resilience
Module 3- Yoga and Trauma
Module 4- Teaching a Trauma-Informed Class & Sustainability


But before you get started, just a couple of things to note. We've broken down each module into multiple sections, so please take your time getting through them and take breaks as you need to.

Also, please join our private Facebook Group Page, YTIYT Trainee Tribe. Here, Geni and Leeann will host weekly "office hours" during the online portion of the training, where they will answer questions regarding the modules, topics explored, etc., and stay connected with your fellow trainees!

Thank you for participating in this very important training program, and please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns to

Many blessings,
The Yogamour Team