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Yogamour is a registered 501(c)(3) located in the United States with a presence in Asia. Yogamour offers yoga volunteer retreats, workshops, and trainings around the world. Yogamour Stateside has a home studio, Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center which is located in Frederick, Maryland. Join us at the Center for classes ranging from Tai Chi to Qigong, yoga for beginners , restorative and yin, hot yoga, power yoga, chair yoga and more! Visit Yogamour Global!

Yogamour's mission is to be a part of the healing community in offering the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices. Yogamour's Public Yoga Classes raise the funds necessary to facilitate meaningful yoga and mindfulness programs for survivors of trauma, under-served and marginalized communities. Through Yogamour Outreach Lab, participants are offered the tools necessary to acquire self-regulation, balance and healing in every breath. 

Yogamour facilitates Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings which are available to yoga teachers, therapists, social workers and educators. Certified graduates gain knowledge of the therapeutic aspects of yoga as an adjunct therapy in helping to reduce the symptoms of traumatic stress. Graduates from these trainings are given the opportunity to apply for grant funds so that they can facilitate trauma-informed programs in their communities, or are offered an opportunity to work with Yogamour’s Outreach Lab.


Visit the Practitioners at Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center who offer everything from Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reike, Reflexology, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Maya Abdominal Massage Therapy and Microblading.


The greater vision of  the Yogamour  Movement is to foster health and wellness through local and global outreach. Stateside, the Yogamour Outreach Lab provides yoga and mindfulness as therapeutic programs to survivors of trauma, marginalized communities and in-need populations. We believe in inspiring our members to bring their ‘yoga’ off of the mat and into the world in the form of ‘seva’ or selfless service.


Yogamour's ongoing projects in India, Thailand and Myanmar help to support over 300 children and their families. Help us keep these projects going by becoming a donor or join us on a Volunteer Yoga Retreat.  Visit Yogamour Global!

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Please note: Yogamour is a registered nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, thereby a portion of registration for classes, workshops and trainings may be tax-deductible as permitted by law. Your accountant would be your best resource for further advise.