Class Prices

POP-UP LOCATIONS                                                                                                   

Drop-In Rate     $10
10 Class Pass   $90
Certain Classes are DONATION ONLY!

Pop-Up Yoga Classes can be found on the above schedule. Locations include Flying Dog Brewery, the Common Market, Sky Stage and Baker Park.

Check-out FREE Pop-Up Yoga Classes for Emergency Responders (includes police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, front-line therapists and public school teachers who continue to serve our community) and significant others. We offer these free classes in appreciation for your service.


Please note that Yogamour has a Cancellation Fee for Aerial Yoga ONLY.  If you register for a class and cannot attend, please Early Cancel your class at least 8 hours before. This will open a space for those potentially on a wait list. If you have not cancelled at least 8 hours before class, there will be a Late Cancellation Fee of $15 applied to your credit card on file or to your account. Thanks for working with us!


  • You may want to bring a towel for some of the more challenging classes. Bring your mat if you choose, but we do have mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets at the studio for your convenience.

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Depending on what type of class, a shirt tighter around the waist may be best if you plan on going upside down!

  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries before class.  This is important for modification purposes.

  • Drink plenty of water BEFORE AND AFTER class! It is also best to not eat a heavy meal at least one hour before class.

  • Relax, breath well and bring a friend! It is always fun to try something new with a friend! Remember that this is called a ‘practice,’ otherwise we’d all be prefect!