The Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center hosts events for Partner Organizations because we want to support them in any way possible. We hope you are able to help us support them as well by attending their events that are held at our beautiful studio.


The past ten years of undercover operations have unearthed a well lubricated criminal great ape trafficking network. The trade of great apes is strictly prohibited by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). To capture a great ape one must eradicate entire families, which leaves our closest biological relatives traumatized as they are s old into slavery. The Mistakes of the Third Chimpanzee aims to understand and document trafficking in great apes, map trade routes and identify individuals involved, as well as use the information gathered from project activities to lobby for more effective law enforcement.

Fundraiser: The Mistakes of the Third Chimpanzee

Open Minds, Inc. is sponsoring an evening of meditation and mindful yoga, a silent auction, dinner and an introduction to the making of the documentary by Colin Sytsma at Yogamour Yoga & Healing Arts Center. Colin’s work has been documentary film-making in contribution to the universal good. While giving a platform to ordinary people who express a specific socio/political concern his work strengthens community and informs audiences of the actions and consequences at the ground level. His work has been shown on PBS, Al Jazeera, and in film festivals around the world. Sytsma’s vision is to create intimate and impactful storytelling that evokes empathy and incubates change for the greater good of humanity.

Sytsma’s film documents a sting operation in Bangkok involving two trafficked Orangutans. Daniel Stiles, a detective in the illegal wildlife trade, uncovers new ways to combat illegal great ape trafficking. This fundraiser is to support Sytsma’s efforts in completing this very important film!

Event Highlights -

  • 15 minute meditation with Laila Nutt ( Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. student and teen ambassador)

  • 1 hr of yoga Toni Whilhem - 500 RTY local yogi

  • Alexandra Russo - Speaker - ChimpFace App ( in development ) appears in documentarylearn about - ChimpFace app in development here:

  • Silent Auction - Items TBA

  • Food - Dinner / Firestone Market and more TBA

  • Wine and Beer - Flying Dog