Letters from Thailand 2012, part 3

July 3

My dear friends,

I suppose that we could consider the end of our project the beginning of new lands to continue exploring and friendships to hold dear in our hearts. Our last day at the school came to an exquisite closure as the students had us sit on the basketball court only to present a traditional Akha dance performance. We departed without dry eyes as the children followed the van down the drive waving good bye with promises of next year's visit.

Our travels then took us to the heart of our Akha Village in Mae Taeng to continue creating our signature gardens. (I say "signature" because although we are trying to establish some sustainability, the irony is that I think they are much more agriculturally knowledgeable than we could even pretend, so they welcome us with smiles and accepting arms ;)

The conclusion of our weekend included visiting a jungle outside of Chiang Mai where we flew and zip lined our way through the trees. It was a liberating way to free our minds from a rather emotionally charged week.

After the incredible Sunday evening market in Chiang Mai which spanned for blocks and maybe a healthy mile, the first of our volunteers started their evening departure. Good byes to Sissy and Ian proved to be rather difficult as they time traveled half way back around the globe only to gain extra hours on their homeward bound journey. The following day, we all dispersed in different directions with fondly cast memories.

"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright